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50 something. Some folks tell me I'm too old for this. Maybe they're right, but I say they haven't lived. Soaring pilot, USHGA P3 ... getting interested in motors. I'm usually "horny to fly" and manage to do so a couple times a week. Though I always thought I was a "water baby" (formerly competitive sailor), I've discovered how much I love this other fluid (air). Also enjoy traction and sport kiting.

A caption to my picture would read, "Waiting for a good cycle before stepping off cliff". As it turned out I kited for 10 minutes, but was rewarded with a 97 minute soaring flight. I love it when a plan comes together!

Just came here ( out of curiosity. Many happy landings* to all of you. ~ jw

* Remember, a landing is just a controlled, mid-air collision with a planet.