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2006 Arizona Flying Circus...
The Francisco Grande

The Arizona Powered Paragliding Association presents the 4th Annual 2007 Arizona Flying Circus, scheduled for February 8 - 11, 2007. Hosted at the legendary Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort south of Phoenix, Arizona, this is gearing up to be the premier Powered Paragliding Event in the country.

This is not your typical PPG fly-in where accommodations consist of tents, mud, cold food, and warm beer. Like an oasis in the desert, The Francisco Grande offers miles of incredible desert and mountain flying as well as all the amenities of a luxury hotel and golf resort, including an outdoor heated pool, restaurant, bar, and a premier golf course. Lots of PPG activities are in planning including competitions, cross-county flights, bonfires, seminars, a raffle of prizes, and of course lots of flying.

Come join AZPPG for warm winter flying in the beautiful Sonoran Desert and enjoy a host of luxurious amenities.

Contact Information
Please contact the following people for further information, including Vendor or Sponsor Information:
  • Mo Sheldon, 602-692-7995 email

  • Past events:
  • 3rd Annual 2006 Arizona Flying Circus
  • 2nd Annual 2005 Arizona Flying Circus
  • 1st Annual 2004 Fly-In

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