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:: About AZPPG ::
Who We Are
We are a loosely organized group of PPG enthusiasts that want to create a fun and safety conscious environment for flying in Arizona. As a club we can share information, organize to fly together, scout out new sites, plan fly-ins, and have a local group we can call PPG home. We officially had our first meeting in April 2002 in Casa Grande with 10 people attending. As time goes on, hopefully these early days of enthusiasm will set the tone for the future of the group.

Be sure to check out the News page to see what we are up to.

AZPPG Flying Recommendations
Just some pretty common sense stuff here:

1) Be respectful of property, people and animals, especially residential and grazing areas. Do not fly over houses, buildings, golf courses, or cattle. Cows have been known to break a leg running from a paramotor. The noise from our motors can be upsetting to people and it may call negative attention to us from the authorities.

2) Be mindful of the airspace you fly in. If you plan to fly outside of our listed flying sites, study some online sectional maps or buy a current airspace sectional map from any local airport. Do not hesitate to ask for help in reading and understanding these maps.

3) Practice safe piloting. This includes avoiding such practices as buzzing of spectators, flying between trees or cactii, flying near airports without permission, or flying outside the limits of your abilities, such as extreme wingovers.

4) Be extra mindful of small children in the presence of PPG's. Parents should always be sure children are supervised.

5) Take care in ground handling a motor. Pilots should start their motors safely braced, away from any people and other wings. Get in the habit of announcing "clear prop" when starting the motor.

6) Pick up trash. Leave the area cleaner than how you found it.


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