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:: AZPPG Resources ::

Here is a listing of PPG related resources and weather links. Be sure to suggest a resource if one is not listed:

:: PPG Training, Equipment and Parts ::

AirParamo - Phoenix, AZ
PPG school offering tandem Discovery flights, solo flight instruction, advanced instruction, motors, wings, trikes, helmets, varios, radios, etc.
Contact Info: Mo Sheldon, 602.692.7995, mo@airparamo.com

Alas de Arizona - Tucson, AZ
PG wings, helmets, varios, harnesses, radios, etc.
Contact Info: Scott Horton, 520-909-1627, alasdearizona@comcast.net

Maybe It's Harder Than I Thought


:: Weather ::

US Weather Maps
Weather.com Satellite Loop
Accuweather US Satellite
Intellicast US Weather Map
US Weather Map Cast
Jet Stream Analyses
Winds & Temps Aloft
Winds & Temps Aloft Cast
Balloon Sounding Cast
National Weather Service


:: PPG Tips, Tricks, Mods, Words of Wisdom and More ::

Keep Your Decompression Port Clean - If you have a hard starting Simonini and you think your battery is taking a dive, try this quick and easy mantenance tip!

Easy Start Mod - If you have a Fly Products throttle grip or similar, and want to be able to start, kill and restart your motor with one hand, take a look at this.

Convenient Wind Sock Pole Holder - If you've got a truck with an open bed, check out this cool idea. Never again will you worry about using bungee coords, rocks, straps or spikes to erect your pole.

20 Rules Of PPG Flight - Some great words of wisdom every pilot should understand before defying gravity.

If You Think You Can, You Should.



:: PPG Repair Services ::

Para-Motor City - Albuquerque, NM
Repair of damaged PPG wings, wing inspection services and much more. These guys do amazing work when it comes to getting damaged wings back into the air

I'm Fly'N Mfg., LLC
- Maricopa, AZ
Fabrication of aluminum and steel, Lath & milling machine, welding, repairs, wood props, Powder coating, Teflon and Ceramic coatings.
Contact Info: Richard Ankrom, 520-568-4976, Phoenix Regional Airport, Email

AirScrew Performance - Glendale, AZ
Light Aircraft service. PPG Motor repair and maintenance. Propeller balancing and repairs.
Contact Info: Steve Beatty, 623-842-3902, Email

Dr. Vinyl - Mesa, AZ
Cosmetic auto painting, including color matching and touch-up work.
Contact Info: Larry Sellmeyer, 480-227-7371

Sports Aloft Rigging - Oro Valley, AZ
Minor Repair Shop (major work better done at factory); Wing porosity testing; Reserve Inspections and Re-packing; Custom Sewing/Repairs (tents, bags, climbing gear)
Contact Info: Mic Sherwood, 520-440-6676, riggerss4@yahoo.com

Al-Bright's Automotive - Tucson, AZ
Motor repairs, metal welding (steel and aluminum)
Contact Info: Albert Bright, 954-7357, abright807@earthlink.net

I Think Its Supposed To Go Like This

Cool Mod, CG Might Be A Bit Aft


:: Cool PPG Links and Resources ::

Aerosmack - Powered Paragliding and Paragliding T-Shirts And Stuff

FootFlyer - Informative PPG Site, Great Tips, How To's, Reviews and More

ASC - Aero Sports Connection

USPPA - United States Powered Paragliding Association

Powered Paragliding - Informative PPG Website

Pilots PPG Club - International PPG forum

Powered Paraglider Radio Show - Weekly internet radio show about PPG with archives. Listen to the Michael Purdy and Casey Cadwell on the Powered Paraglider Radio Show every Monday evening, the only live internet PPG radio!

Wing Gymnastics



:: PPG and PG Wing Manufacturers ::
MacPara Paragliders - Maker of the Eden 3, Muse 2 and Spice wings for motored flight

Ozone Paragliders
- Make of the Rush, Roadster and Viper wings for motored flight

Apco Paragliders - Maker of the Prima, Karma and Thrust wings for motored flight

Nova Paragliders - Maker of quality paraglider wings

Powerplay Paragliders - Maker of the Sting and Naja wings for motored flight

Paramania Paragliders - Maker of the Revolution and Action GT reflex wings for motored flight

Sky Paragliders - Maker of the Atis 2 and Brontes 2 wings for motored flight

Skywalk Paragliders - Maker of paraglider wings using JetFlap tech

Swing Paragliders - Maker of quality paraglider wings

U-Turn Paragliders - Maker of the Bodyguard, Infinity 2 and Obsession wings for motored flight

Its a Mac Attack!

Flingin' A Sting Wing.


:: PPG Equipment Manufacturers and Importers ::
Fly Products - PPG manufacturer in Italy, maker of the popular Power, Gold and Max series of paramotors utilizing the Simonini G24 or Mini 2 motors. Also manufactures the popular Flash Trike.

Bailey Aviation - PPG manufacturer in the UK, maker of the Bailey 4-stroke line of paramotors.

Aerocorsair - US Importer of the Cors-Air M21Y PPG and microlight engine.

Airfer Paraglider Motors
- PPG Manufacturer in Spain.

Black Hawk - PPG manufacturer in America, utilizing BlackDevil and MZ motors. Maker of the Quad Buggy (not a trike, but a quad).

Fresh Breeze - PPG manufacturer in Germany.

SD Paratour - PPG manufacturer in Canada.

ParaCruiser - PPG manufacturer in America.

Xplorer Ultraflight Paramotors - PPG manufacturer in South Africa.

Revolution Paramotors - PPG manufacturer in America, maker of the innovative FlatTop paramotor.

Flying a Trike Is The Best!




:: PPG Propellers ::
Beres & Hirsch propellers - Propeller manufacturers based in Oregon

PPG Props - PPG propellers by Mike Hay. Stock props as well as propeller duplication service.

GSC Systems - Propeller manufacturers based in BC, Canada

McCauley Propeller Systems - 937-890-5246

Powerfin, Inc. - Expensive props using exotic materials based in Arlington, Washington

Prince Aircraft Co - Propeller manufacturer of the Prince P-tip Propeller based in Ohio, 419-877-5557, propellers@aol.com

Sensenich - Wood propeller company based in Florida.

Tennessee Propeller, Inc. - Propeller manufacturer

Whirlwind Propellers - 619-562-3725, wwpc@whirlwindpropellers.com

Yep, You Need Some New Wood.



:: Other PPG Stuff ::
Balance Masters - Manufactures of a mercury filled balancer.

Bing Agency International - Makes of popular float carbs

Kuntzleman Electronics, Inc. - Manufactures of strobe systems.

TinyTach - Affordable, Accurate, Self Contained Tachometer/Hour Meter, very popular for PPG usage.

Ultraflight Magazine - Published for ultralight and light aircraft pilots.

Guide to the Choice Setting and Use of Tapered Needle Float Carburetors

California Power Systems - Great online catalog of ultralight aviation parts

Parastars - A large PPG club in Florida

Don't Worry, It Was On Autopilot.


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