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:: 5th Annual 2008 Arizona Flying Circus ::

Event Info

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2006 Arizona Flying Circus...
The 2008 Arizona Flying Circus, scheduled for February 8 - 10, 2008, hosted at the legendary Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort south of Phoenix, Arizona at 26000 Gila Bend Highway, Casa Grande, AZ 85222. The telephone numbers are: (800) 237-4238 or (520) 836-6444.

Contact Information
Please contact the following people for further information, including Vendor or Sponsor Information:
  • Mo Sheldon, 602-692-7995 email

  • Onlooker Fees - Free Pilot Registration Fees - See the Registration page for details.
  • Vendor or Sponsor Registration Fees - See the Registration page for details.
          [Alternate Payment Page]

    Here is a word document of the entire pilot packet that includes the schedule.

    Unlike any other PPG event, this is being held at a premier resort. The hotel forbids on site camping in tents, pets without a leash, or outdoor cooking. See the bottom of this page for details on RV camping. There will be food available on site from morning to evening. And there are a plethora of restaurants near by.

    The weather in Arizona at the beginning of February is typically gorgeous. We often fly in T-shirts in the afternoons.It is not uncommon for the temperatures to get in the high 70's or mid 80's during the day. However, the early mornings and nights can get cold. Come prepared for low 40's or high 30's at night or early morning. Usually with two hours of sunrise, the temperatures quickly rise back to comfortable.

    Casa Grande is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert so the humidity levels are very low and precipitation is almost non-existant (except for last year's fly-in where we had record rainfalls). We are experiencing a very dry year. It is suggested to bring sun protection (hats, sun block) to avoid the over exposure of the harsh desert sun and typically cloudless skies.

    Visit these links for more information on current Arizona weather:
    Casa Grande Weather
    Flying Weather

    The airspace for the event is Class G and E starting at 700' AGL. The elevation of the Francisco Grande is 1300' MSL. The Francisco Grande Hotel is within 2 miles of a VOR tower, so certainly expect air traffic, including IFR approaches. The closest major airport is Casa Grande (CZG). Here is alink to a Sectional Chart of the area.

    Francisco Grande Hotel Room Rates
    We have arranged for a block of rooms for the event at a special discounted rate reserved until January 13, 2007. The prices are $99 for a Courtyard Room and $119 for a Tower Room. Each luxurious room is spacious enough to sleep four adults. To reserve your room, call (800) 237-4238 or (520) 836-6444 and mention 'Arizona Flying Circus' when you book your room.

    Other Nearby Hotels
    Visit this Google Link for more information on nearby hotels.

    Below is a listing of the nearest hotels and motels:
    Holiday Inn, Casa Grande 5.2 miles E
    777 N. Pinal Ave, Casa Grande, AZ 85222
    Phone: (520) 426-3500
    Web: http://www.holidayinnarizona.com/

    Se-Tay Motel 5.2 miles E
    901 N Pinal Ave, Casa Grande, AZ
    Phone: (520) 836-7489

    Arizona Motel & RV Park 5.2 miles E
    1211 N Pinal Ave, Casa Grande, AZ
    Phone: (520) 836-7802

    Boots & Saddle Motel 5.2 miles E
    509 W 2nd St, Casa Grande, AZ
    Phone: (520) 421-2020

    Courtyard Apartments 6.6 miles E
    2060 N Trekell Rd, Casa Grande, AZ
    Phone: (520) 836-4012

    RV Dry Camping Rates
    RV's are permitted to dry camp on the hotel premises for and additional $30 per day. Payment includes use of all facilities at the hotel. Please pay at the AZPPG registration area when you arrive.

    Site Layout
    Site Layout

    Satellite Overview
    Satellite Overview

    Shipping Your Gear
    If you desire to ship your equipment in advance of your arrival, you can send your gear directly to the Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort. There may be a fee involved depending on the size of the package(s) and how long they are storing your gear for. Call LeVonne Badger at the Hotel at 520-836-6444 for details. The address to send gear to is:

    Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort
    Attn: LeVonne Badger for Arizona Flying Circus
    26000 Gila Bend Highway
    Casa Grande, AZ 85222

    Other Relevant Information
    Ineteractive State Map
    State Calandar of Events
    Arizona Attractions

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